Maria Infante

Maria Infante was born and raised in Blue Island, where she was a student in District 130 at Lincoln Elementary, Whitter and Kerr Middle. Maria went on to graduate with the highest honors from Eisenhower High School where she was recently featured on CHSD 218 as an alumni who has achieved noteworthy success. Graduating from University of Illinois Chicago this upcoming May, Maria is set to earn her bachelor’s degree in Public Health with a minor in Public Policy and Gender and Women Studies.


Currently finishing her practicum at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as an apprentice for the agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Maria utilizes her knowledge of data to benefit a government agency. From the onset of the pandemic, Maria has stepped up in her community as a COVID Tracer, communicating guidelines and procedure.


Investing in the non-profit Super 7 Girls, Maria improved health curriculums surrounding health inequalities for young girls’ grades 4th-8th in Chicago Public Schools, advocating for change. Upholding several leadership roles, Maria is a member of the Latin American Recruitment and Education Services, Public Health Alliance, Radical Public Health. Maria was elected Vice President of Her Campus at UIC and held various positions for Lambda Zeta Chi. Dedicated to the field of education, Maria volunteers her time to the American Brain Tumor Association, National Alliance on Mental Illness and with the Chicago Food Depository.


As a leader for young women, Maria seeks to bring her educational knowledge, strong voice for equity and accessibility as well as her dedication to her community to the District 130 board.


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