Kevin Piper

A 56-year resident in Crestwood, Kevin Piper is a proud member of his community. As a 35-year small business owner, member of the Chicago Regional Counsel of Carpenters and part-time Instructor at the Carpenter’s Training Center, Kevin has learned the value of both a good education and hard work. President of the Institutional Locksmiths Association, Kevin is a dedicated locksmith.


A lifelong parishioner of Incarnation, Kevin gives back to his community volunteering in Worth Township’s food drives, at various blood drives as well as Toys for Tots. As a former parent whose son attended both Horace Mann Elementary and Nathan Hale Schools K-8th grade, Kevin is deeply committed to the betterment of District 130. Believing that not all regions of School District 130 are evenly represented, Kevin has made a decision to step up, and be a strong voice for the residents of Crestwood. Given his leadership roles, Kevin believes he is most qualified during these unprecedented times to prioritize spending and advocate for our students, parents and taxpayers.


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