Candice Cantelo grew up on the east side of Blue Island where she attended St. Isidore’s school from Kindergarten to 8th grade and went on to graduate high school from Mt. Assisi Academy. Raised in a family dedicated to their community, Candice has always been committed to the youth in Blue Island. Working for the Blue Island Park District for the last 16 years, Candice has volunteered for numerous park events, started as a Summer Camp Counselor which helped her earn her position as Summer Camp Director.


Graduating from Trinity Christian College with a bachelor’s degree in Education, Candice went on to teach at Paul Revere Intermediate, Whittier and Kerr Middle School. She strives to be a positive influence not only for her students as an educator, but at the Park District as a Summer Camp Director.


Being a teacher in District 130 for the last 12 years, Candice is committed to making her community a better place by being a role model in and outside the classroom. Throughout her teaching career Candice has been a basketball coach, Sports Coordinator, member of the PTO, Co-Chair of Student Council, member of Kerr’s PBIS Team, Co-Chair of Kerr’s Mentoring program, and a member of Kerr’s Culture and Climate Committee. Candice ultimately believes that between her experience teaching in District 130 along with being personally invested in the challenges and needs of her students is the driving force behind her candidacy.


District 218 needs a school board member who is not only an educator, but a member who advocates for transparency as well as teacher articulation with District 218 feeder schools. As a leader for all youth, Candice will work tirelessly to provide students with the education they need to become successful in their future endeavors by making decisions based on the best interests of students, parents, community stakeholders and teachers.


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